Chaotic Can? 10 Ways to Revamp and Remodel Your Bathroom

10 ways to revamp and remodel your bathroom

Chaotic Can? 10 Ways to Revamp and Remodel Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a complicated place. It’s the place where you clean yourself, brush your teeth, appraise your image in the morning, and…well, you know. Make sure that your potty matches its purpose: to give you a well-ordered and comfortable elimination experience.

Here are some ways to improve the efficiency, cleanliness, and overall experience of your lavatory:

1. Install a bidet

What’s more functional than doing your business and getting clean? Bidets are not just for Europeans and Beyoncé. Believed to have been developed in the 1600s, the bidet offers an answer to the uncomfortable question: when is toilet paper just not enough?

It also doesn’t have to break the bank: you can easily install a bidet on your toilet for under $100.

2. Air dryer

Okay, if you’re after the most luxurious toilet experience possible, don’t stop at the bidet. Consider purchasing a combination bidet-and-air-dryer. Your derriere will soon be the cleanest, driest thing in the bathroom. And your friends will be impressed. Confused, first. Then impressed.

3. Embrace your senses

You spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Why not make it a pleasurable experience for all your senses? Don’t be afraid to do a remodel with aesthetics in mind. Paint with a pop of color. Consider investing in a diffuser, which will shower your loo with pleasant essential oil scents. Even a mini speaker in a discreet location can enhance the experience. You’ll be calmer and more relaxed, leading to greater elimination efficiency.

4. Above toilet storage

If you have a smaller-than-average bathroom, a great remodel to consider is the above-toilet organizer. Depending on the style, this should keep all of your bathroom essentials (towels, extra soap, etc.) in one place while taking up hardly any floor space. This frees you up to complete your essential business in an uncluttered space.

5. Dual valve flusher

Did we mention a bathroom remodel can impress your friends? Well, if you want to really go above and beyond, consider a dual flush valve to improve the functionality of your toilet. This will help you save water, save money, and save the environment. There are DIY guides out there, but there are times when it’s best to invest in a plumber’s assistance. And this is probably one of those times.

6. Revamp your plunger

Consider your toilet plunger. I know you don’t want to, but bear with me. If you want to show off your green side, you can use a flowerpot to store your plunger. Or perhaps reduce, reuse, and recycle by using a bleach container. A combination plunger and toilet brush holder is economical and space spacing. For a more sophisticated look, purchase a nickel-coated or ceramic plunger holder to lead to an extraordinarily pleasant plunging experience. Okay, we lied. It’s still a plunger. But still.

7. DIY grout clean

This is cheating because it’s not a remodel, but it will certainly look like one. You know the area right around the bottom of your toilet, where it meets the floor? Well, there’s usually grout involved, and it’s often filthy. This is a super easy hack that will make your bathroom look new and clean (and all it takes is a couple minutes): mix a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and scrub the grout around the toilet. Leave it there for ten minutes. Wash it off. Bam.

8. Toilet paper holder

I can’t tell you how wholly a cute toilet paper holder can uplift a bathroom space. There are some really outrageous and unique ones out there that can either up the level of sophistication in your bathroom, or add a sense of fun and color. One important tip is that, if you have a small bathroom, consider a wall mounted toilet paper holder. It will take up less room, will never get kicked over, and will never leave your guests flailing for toilet paper.

9. Printed toilet paper

Oh, this one’s just for fun. Printed toilet paper: have you invested in this trend? There’s just a world of possibilities out there, from novelty holiday toilet paper, to custom toilet paper that will truly enliven your bathroom experience. Or, you could go the responsible route and invest in recycled, environmentally friendly paper (to go with your new dual flusher!)

10. Smart toilet: the true porcelain palace

If nothing else will do –and your elimination ennui has reached its peak — you might want to consider purchasing a “smart toilet.” No longer in the realm of science fiction, these (not cheap) toilets will roll a bunch of features into one: bidet, air dryer, remote control, Bluetooth functionalities, self-flush, seat warmer. You will never, ever want to leave your bathroom.

A functional bathroom is easy to navigate, easy to clean, easy to organize, and easy to enjoy. From over-toilet storage to wall-mounted toilet paper holders, make sure that whatever you’re working on leads to a more pleasurable potty experience.